The best drawing references are ones you can eat.

Japanese Twitter is a surprisingly good resource for drawing references, having given us such gems before as how to draw perfect feet using numbers, and how to draw perfect breasts.

And now Japanese Twitter user @BigotVinus has added to that depository of knowledge with one of the most bizarrely useful installments yet: using chocolate as a reference to draw rubble.

“I often see people having trouble drawing rubble in battle manga,
but if you just break apart a chocolate bar it works perfectly.”

That’s… actually a really good idea. Drawing a bunch of rubble may not seem that hard at first, but making sure all of the broken pieces align in realistic ways that are actually permitted by gravity can be quite hard to just draw on the spot.

Plus, when you draw with chocolate as a reference, you get a nice, tasty reward for finishing your picture!

▼ One commenter overlapped the image of the broken chocolate and the
final drawing, to see how close they were. It’s pretty impressive!

@BigotVirus also added some tips in an addendum for achieving maximum efficiency with the chocolate:

“I first cooled it in the fridge, and made sure the room was air conditioned. Even then the chocolate will still melt easily with the warmth from your fingers, so it’s better to break it apart with a hammer while it’s still wrapped in alumunium foil. Then just take a picture of that and you’re good to go.”

“When you hit it with the hammer or other hard object, it will break into bigger and smaller pieces, which is perfect. Since the weather’s been hot recently, don’t forget to cool it off in the fridge first.”

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted to this ingenious (and delicious!) drawing reference:

“This is really helpful.”
“Now all I can see when I look at rubble is chocolate….”
“Great idea. I think you can use other materials too, like potato chips.”
“And you can use the melted chocolate as a reference for blood!”
“I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world here.”

Any aspiring artists out there may want to add this one to their reference repertoire. And, while they’re at it, they may want to also check out how to draw a school girl leaping over a man firing a gun, because that’s one that comes up pretty often too.

Source: Twitter/@BigotVinus via Togech
Top image: PAKUTASO