Sometimes you have to delete your old “save files” to move on.

Despite their reputation as an anti-social escape, video games are actually some of the best ways to bond with people. Whether you’re racing, blowing each other’s heads off, or working together to complete missions, playing a video game together can be way more interactive than watching a movie or going out to eat.

Thankfully this kind of thinking is becoming much more commonplace, so much so that Japanese artist Niichi (@niichi021 on Twitter) recently posted a short manga showing off one couple’s adorable bonding experience through video games:

The story “Start from the Beginning” once again.
(Translation and enlarged pictures below.)

Woman: “I finished it!”
Man: “How was it? Good, eh?”
Woman: “It was really good! I was very impressed.”

Woman: “You really do know a lot of good games.”
Man: “Well yeah, I love games.”

Woman: “…hm? What’s this one?”

Woman: “Oh wow! It’s a two-player RPG! This looks good. We should play it next.”

Man: “Oh…. Y-you want to play that one?”
Woman: “Uh, is something wrong with it? Is it boring?”
Man: “Er, uh, no, it’s probably good.”
Woman: “What do you mean ‘probably?’ You’ve played it before, haven’t you?”
Man: “Well, uh, you see, that one….”

Man: “A-actually, I haven’t finished that one yet, so I don’t really know. I, uh, was playing it with a friend, and we stopped partway through so….”

Woman: “A ‘friend’ eh?”

Woman: “So who was the friend? Do I know them?”
Man: “Uh… well… you see….”

Woman: “So it was your ex-girlfriend, huh?”
(A woman’s instincts.)
Man: “…yes.”

Woman: “Well, well. I see. This is a game you played with your ex then, huh? It all makes sense then.”
Man: “No, it’s just….”
Woman: “It’s probably chock full of your memories with her. You remember it all, which bosses you two worked hard together to beat, which scenes moved both of you the most.”

Woman: “And you don’t want to throw all that away just yet….”
Man: “Haruka, I’m zipping up your lips.”

Man: “That’s not the reason why I still have the game around.”

Man: “It’s just… since it’s a game I played some of, I wanted to finally finish it someday. That’s all.”

Woman: “Well, then I guess it can’t be helped. You are a gamer after all. You’ll just have to play it with me.”
Man: “Really?”
Woman: “You want to beat it to the end, right?”

Woman: “And, I mean… I don’t like your ex knowing about a game that I don’t know.”

(Affectionate head rub.)
Woman: “W-what?”

Woman: “Did it power on okay? It’s an old console.”
Man: “It’s fine.”

Man: “Oh! There’s the load screen.”
Woman: “All right then.”

Menu options:
> Start a new game

Oh god, the cute! I can practically feel the comic’s sugary sweetness between my teeth. There’s so much to like here: the beautiful visuals, the natural dialogue, the cute relationship, and of course that enviable feeling of sharing something you love with someone you love, and having them love it right back.

And for those who want a bit of an extra peek into the couple’s lives, Niichi also released a short one-page omake (“bonus”) comic to show what happened shortly after they started playing together:

▼ It’s titled “Accident.”
(Translation below.)

Man: “We’ve made it pretty far. Oh! There’s a save point.”

Save menu
(*It’s the type of game where you can name the characters after yourself.)
Choose a file to overwrite:
Yuuya LV11
Shiori LV12

Woman: “Oh! So her name was Shiori! That’s a really cute name.”
Man: Uh, sorry, sorry! I forgot to erase the old save data….”

Nice save there, Yuuya! Very smooth.

Here’s what Japanese netizens thought about the cute comic:

“I want to to start a new game with a cute girlfriend too. Where can I go to get the data for one?”
“I hope they don’t get to the same part in the game and then break up lol.”
“The girlfriend’s jealously is kinda cute. I hope she makes it to the final boss: marriage.”
“If they can overcome the hardships in the game, then they can overcome anything.”

Agreed on that last point, especially since the woman in the comic may have already overcome some hardships: could she be a slightly more grown-up version of the confused and flustered woman who just moved to Tokyo from the last Niichi illustration we took a look at?

Source: Twitter/@niichi021 via My Game News Flash
Images: Twitter/@niichi021