So this is what it’s like having an animator for a father.

When I was a lad, I used to draw relentlessly. Mostly Marvel heroes and video game characters, but sometimes I’d doodle up something creative.

I loved it, but my parents didn’t. They told me,

Stop doodling! Do your math homework! If you don’t get good grades you’ll end up being a janitor!

Apparently, though, some parents actually support their children’s creative efforts. They encourage their kids to follow their interests, so that maybe they’ll turn them into careers one day.

Take Thomas Romain, for example. This French animator living in Tokyo is a talented artist who’s worked on several anime, including Space Dandy, Canon Busters, and Basquash. One day he noticed his son drawing an interesting monster creation, so he decided to redraw it and see what happened.

The outcome was impressive, so he did another. And another. Then his other son got involved and Thomas drew more. His Instagram feed exploded with likes, and it’s no mystery as to why!

Check out some original artwork by Thomas Romain and his sons:

Romain decided to turn the art gallery into an ongoing family project. He named it Father and Sons’ Design Workshop. They’re currently up to 36 characters and frames, and new pieces are released regularly.

Now THAT is some parental support! In fact… I’m kinda jealous… <sob>

You can support Thomas and his sons by donating to their Patreon account here. And if you’re feeling deep pangs of childhood nostalgia, send a message asking them to grow this project into something other parents can use to encourage their children.

My personal favorite is the Snake Fighter wielding several swords, a mallet, a bomb, and… a lollipop.

Which one do you like? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Instagram/thomasintokyo
Featured image: Instagram/thomaintokyo

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