Who knew San could be this sexy… as a guy!

Who doesn’t love a beautifully done cosplay? We here at SoraNews24 certainly appreciate the end results of hours of hard work and attention to detail paid by cosplay artists. Whether you do it professionally, just like to do it for fun, or even if you’re a teacher who secretly crossdresses on the side, we never tire of seeing people’s creativity. We also really admire those who can pull off an amazing look with a character of the opposite sex, like this Taiwanese model who recently shared photos on his Twitter of himself totally killing it in a Princess Mononoke-inspired look.

▼ “Mononoke Hime, male version.”

The outfit is simple, modeled after the character San from Studio Ghibli’s well-known animated film Princess Mononoke (or Mononoke Hime in Japanese), but executed wonderfully. The 29-year-old model, who goes by @Hino0620 on Twitter, is obviously not shy about showing any skin, and he shares plenty of it.

@Hino0620 is based in Taipei City, Taiwan, and has five cats. In addition to modelling, he’s also a 3D game animator, and is currently studying Japanese. Hopefully more Japanese netizens leave him comments so he can practice reading! His post so far has only received a few dozen retweets and a couple hundred likes thus far, but we feel that he needs much more than that. @Hino0620 bares plenty of skin in his other photo shoots as well, so if you’d like to see more of this handsome model be sure to check him out!

Source: Twitter/@Hino0620 
Featured image: Twitter/@Hino0620