A refrigerator can be one of the most honest reflections of your priorities.

We’re no stranger to Japanese artists posting comics that hit us right in the feels. Whether its a series of one-panel manga that show off the misery of office lady life, or an illustrated short story describing the inescapable depression of an idol otaku, we’re drawn to these illustrations that show the darker side of life.

And Japanese artist @avogado6 may have produced the simplest yet most effective one of these comics so far. Take a look here:

“Mom and dad are alcoholics.”
(The child reaches for a pudding surrounded by alcohol cans.)

Man, I don’t know about you, but this image says a lot by saying nothing at all. The fact that the child’s eyes are focused right on the pudding and nothing else could show that they’re unaware of their parents’ problem, or perhaps more depressingly, that they simply pretend that it doesn’t exist.

Plus with all the alcohol everywhere, there’s the chance that the child may take one accidentally and drink it someday. Or that they might just get curious to see what these drinks mom and dad like so much taste like, and start drinking at far too early of an age.

And then there’s the fact that out of the big refrigerator, only a tiny part of it is dedicated to the child’s pudding, the rest is dedicated to alcohol… just like the parents’ minds, most likely.

Finally, the use of only two colors (a chilled blue and dark black) makes you feel cold just looking at it. You can feel how icy the inside of the refrigerator is, as well as the lives of the people who use it.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted to the picture:

“No food, no juice, no love.”
“Yikes, that looks like my fridge….”
“I feel so bad for the child.”
“As someone who grew up with parents who had a fridge like that, one other item that’s sure to be in there is expired food.”
“(In response) There’s jam in there that expired three years ago.” (Middle shelf second from right.)

The child in the image may be fictional, but just like the comments showed, there are many kids just like them in the real world. Let’s hope they can find a way out of their unfortunate situations.

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Source: Twitter/@avogado6 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@avogado6