Show your love of erotic manga and anime, and disdain of social conventions, with a T-shirt!

Anime or manga T-shirts, like band T-shirts, are a popular way of announcing to the rest of the world your interests and how you identify yourself. Similarly, wearing your sports team’s colours may show the pride you have in your hometown (or the necessity to kick six bells out of each other in the case of the Old Firm).

Funnily enough, not many people choose to show their love of animated pornography through their clothing, presumably one reason why being a dearth of buying options. No longer is that an issue, as an ahegao (the name given to faces showing unbridled lust in anime and manga) clothing range allows wearers to show their predilections, and look good, or more likely creepy, doing it.

AliExpress, an online retailer which gathers together a number of Chinese manufacturers large and small (some of whom have a very relaxed policy towards copyright infringement), is now selling the over-the-top face of desire on a range of clothes.

▼ With several different designs, in black & white and colour, you can have one for every day of the week!

If you already have a favourite T-shirt, you can have the ahegao design plastered all over your lower half instead, including some attention-grabbing face placement. Well, you do need something to wear on those occasions you can tear yourself away from your pillow.

▼ As winter is coming, you can wrap up warm while giving your target the eye, or the many eyes of child-like faces. What girl/guy could resist?

The prices vary between sellers on the site, but the T-shirts and trousers generally cost between one and two thousand yen (US$8.88-17.77) and the hoodies retail for between two and three thousand. Whether the clothes count as NSFW or even not safe for wearing outside the house, is up to you. For one thing, the images might cause spontaneous nosebleeds among fellow aficionados.

Source: Kinisoku
Top image: AliExpress
Images: AliExpress (1, 2, 3, 4)