Tomomi Takano will knock you out with her gorgeous form.

As we’ve seen in the past, if there’s one thing the Internet loves, it’s beautiful women doing things. From playing Japanese chess to looking after passengers in the air, women who are out there taking life by the horns and confidently pursuing their goals are attractive in their own right, and when you add a dash of physical beauty to the mix, it’s a combination that’s impossible to ignore.

The latest woman to grab everyone’s attention online is 30-year-old Japanese pro boxer Tomomi Takano. Her Instagram account has been blowing up lately, as the world blinks its eyes in awe at Takano’s toned body, skimpy photo shoots, and gruelling workout routine.

With her naturally slender physique, Takano might not look like a typical boxer outside of the ring.

▼ But in the training room, it’s a very different story.

Takano started out as a model, but made her debut as a professional boxer back in 2013.

She is totally dedicated to the sport, sticking to a gruelling training regimen of weights, shadowboxing, and sit-ups to keep her in top form.

Everything Takano does is in preparation for a bout. Here you can see the 177-centimetre (5-foot, 8-inch) tall boxer in action in the super flyweight division.

▼ Outside of the ring, Tokyo-born Takano enjoys showing off her more feminine side, sharing her love for cats…

▼ Beaches…

▼ Pools…

▼ …and skimpy lingerie.

With good looks, strength and determination on her side, it looks like Takano has a successful career lying ahead of her. To keep up with her adventures in Japan and around the world, check out her Instagram page, and if you’d like to see more females with impressive strength, here are five Japanese women who can kick your ass.

Featured image: Instagram/tomomitakano7
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