The six lucky fortunes in the collection range from small to eye-popping.

In Japan, fortune-telling paper strips called omikuji are often purchased at temples and shrines around the country. These omikuji contain fortunes ranging from “great curse” up to “great blessing”, and include details about what lies in store for aspects of the future, often written in austere or poetic prose.

While omikuji remain a fun and entertaining part of any shrine or temple visit, now the lucky paper strips are serving as the inspiration for a more unusual type of fortune-telling, conjured up by the creative team over at Melon Books.

Specialising in comics, merchandise and dojinshi works by self-published creators, all the products at Melon Books have one thing in common: breasts. So they’ve now come up with the Nyomikuji, a new gacha capsule toy product that combines their speciality with omikuji, both in design and name. Seeing as the kanji characters used for the words “nyo” and “mi” read as “woman” and “body“, the Nyomikuji literally translates to “Woman’s Body Fortunes“.

▼ An alternative reading, seen here on the right, is “Nyumikuji“, which uses the kanji for “nyu“, which can be read as “milk” or “breast“, giving us “Breast Fortunes“.

Like regular omikuji, each Nyomikuji contains a fortune, only these ones range from “flat chopping board breasts” up to “enormous breasts“. Divine messages from the gods include: “Your luck will increase if you buy dojinshi featuring bountiful breasts”; “Rather than size, you must buy dojinshi with supple breasts” and “Purchase goods with elegant breasts to your heart’s content so you can become well-versed in the subject.”

With 18 different omikuji available, featuring one of six different breast-size fortunes, these new capsule toys also come with an illustrated tin badge, a colour illustration on the back with a busty character that corresponds to your fortune’s proportions, and a handwritten note from the artist. If you’re extra lucky, you’ll find a note with the word “win” inside, which means you’ll be able to receive a clear file, again featuring an alluring character portrait.

On sale from 15 October, each gacha retails for 400 yen (US$3.56), which means they’re cheap enough to purchase in multiples, so if you want to increase your fortune with all shapes and sizes from the collection, you can try your luck again and again.

Source, images: Melon Books