This chance encounter on the street is one of the best things you’ll see today.

With so many videos floating around online these days, it’s easy to get caught in a deep dive, jumping from one clip to the next until you’ve watched dozens of different things and it’s suddenly 3 o’clock in the morning.

Then again, sometimes you can come across clips that are so fascinating you can’t resist pressing the replay button to watch them over and over again. Japanese Twitter user @00__name recently posted one of these clips online, and since then it’s been watched thousands of times, receiving over 60,000 retweets and 123,000 likes in a fortnight. 

In the clip, a Japanese street musician plays a song with catchy lyrics that repeat the phrase, “Migite de dekiru koto wa hidari de dekiru / Hidari de dekiru koto wa migite de dekiru“, or “The things you can do with your right hand, you can do with your left hand / The things you can do with your left hand, you can do with your right hand“.

While the performance itself is awesome to watch, the thing that elevates it to another level is the musician’s awesome exit at the end. He drops the mic without even having one, leaving everyone yelling out after him, begging for more.

▼ Take a look at the one-minute performance here:

How’s that for a show? This chance encounter is the type of thing everyone hopes to witness while walking around Japan, and luckily for this group of bystanders, they were in the right place at the right time.

As the guitarist sang his tune, he impressed everyone with his ambidexterity, switching his guitar over and playing it on the left side and then the right, without missing a beat.

The eccentric performer had an “R” and “L” written on his guitar, along with the kanji for “right” and “left”, just in case anyone missed the sentiment of his lyrics and movements during the performance.

The word “GoD” was also written on his guitar in English, and the Japanese kanji for God (神) was scrawled all over his garments as well. Other kanji on his robes included “kunitakenokami” or “national god of the military arts” and the word for “bachelor”, indicating his single status to the ladies.

▼ Ambidextrous singing guitarist out. Sayonara.

Just as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone, strolling off barefoot into the night, with bells clanging around his ankles and new streets to roam. As he left the amazed bystanders in his wake, people on Twitter also had unanswered questions, wondering who the man was and where they could find him. Fortunately, eagle-eyed viewers like this one came up with the answer.

This is the same guy who used to dress up in old kimono clothing and hitchhike with a bunny girl. I’m sure his name is something like ‘Samurai Suzuki’

His name is in fact Samurai Suzuki, and he’s been spotted not only in Japan, but in India as well, where he earned a living by singing with his guitar. A quick search on YouTube pulls up a number of the musician’s performances, including this beautiful cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”.

Given that Samurai Suzuki travels far and wide, it turns out that this chance encounter with the talented musician was an extra special experience. To keep up to date with the musician’s travels, give him a follow on Twitter, where he goes by the name “Kunitakenokami” or “national god of the military arts”, and if you’d like to see more awesome skills of ambidexterity, be sure to check out the artist who paints with two hands.

Source, images: Twitter/ @00__name