Because sometimes people need a reminder that what you see on social media isn’t always real.

With millions of people and animals posting photos online everyday, one look at everyone’s social media accounts would make you think that everyone is constantly having a fabulous time living life to the full.

While we all know this isn’t really the case, it’s easy to forget when you’re being bombarded with images all the time, so Japanese illustrator and Twitter user @doriken3 created this short manga to remind us all how the world really works.

At the bottom of the drawing is a girl clicking through photos on her computer, saying “It looks like everyone is having fun”, as beads of anxious sweat trickle down her face. Alongside her image-scrolls are the words “Shiawase Stream Attack” or “Happiness Stream Attack“.

The reason for the “Happiness Stream Attack” is, of course, because the only thing she’s seeing online is the portion of everyone’s day which is highlighted in yellow. On the top line is a mother will an ill baby, who’s anxious to know if her child might be suffering from a severe illness that will impact on its growth. But all we see on social media is the adorable, smiling bundle of joy, with the “Cute baby” caption. Even after the picture is posted, the mother goes back to dealing with her baby crying throughout the night.

On the second line we have another set of drawings, this time showing a white-collar worker, or “salaryman”, heading off to work in a tired and depressed state. After dealing with the nightmare of a packed early morning train, we see his social media image for the day, showing him with a big grin on his face as he enjoys a beer and a meal of “Delicious meat”. That small moment of joy is followed by him back at work, working overtime at his desk.

The third strip shows a digital artist, working at a painstakingly slow pace to create their manga story. But all we see is the end result, as the artist announces the release of his published volume, making it appear easy and effortless, even though that’s followed by more of the same tedious work.

Since posting the image online, @doriken3’s Tweet has received a huge number of likes and retweets, with many people relating to the message it conveys. So next time you’re bombarded by a Happiness Stream Attack, don’t feel down in the doldrums. It’s just a moment of happiness captured in amongst a mountain of moments in any given day.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@doriken3