When this beauty’s breasts fall in a certain way, they start doing crazy things to people’s minds.

Gravure idols in Japan all have particular qualities that strike a chord with fans. Sometimes it’s a signature pose or a special feature that makes their admirers go weak at the knees, but for 29-year-old gravure model Saki Yanase, it’s her enormous assets that make her stand out from the crowd.

Recently, Yanase’s power to mess with people’s minds was proven on another level entirely, as Twitter users began making the unlikely comparison between her breasts and … a character from Pokémon.

▼ Can you guess which character that might be?

If you look closely at this image, you’ll be able to see past the breast and, like a 3-D puzzle picture, the Pokémon will appear.


▼ That’s right – the breast-like Pokémon character is none other than Diglett!

To be honest, we’ve never seen a breast and mistaken it for Diglett before, and likewise, we’ve never mistaken Diglett for a breast, but somehow, that’s what’s happening online, and it’s all thanks to this tweet, posted by Twitter user @RAY_815 a few days ago.


Since the tweet appeared online, the bizarre comparison has received tens of thousands of likes and retweets, with people getting in on the act with their own doctored versions and images designed to get a laugh.


Reactions online have ranged from people shaking their heads at the childish behaviour to non-stop laughter and questions asking for an explanation of this Pokémon’s evolution.

Given that Diglett grows weak if exposed to sunlight, the beautifully sheltered position in the photo is actually a perfect home for the tunnel-loving Pokémon. We’re not sure how Yanase would feel about having Diglett camp out inside her buxom bosom, though, but it might well be worth checking out her Instagram account and giving her a follow in case she decides to reply to the attention with a visual comment online!

Source: Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Instagram/@saki_yanase