Already a better Death Note than the Netflix version.

Last year Momo, a 2-year-old from Kaosiung, Taiwan melted our hearts with her adorable Halloween costume of No Face from Spirited Away.

▼ Before her transformation…

▼ …and after!

▼ Not all of Momo’s classmates were a fan of the costume,
but Momo herself took it in stride.

▼ And they seemed to come to a mutual understanding eventually.

Now, a year later, Momo is again going all out for Halloween, but this time it’s with a new costume… and a new partner: her little sister, Miemie.

▼ They went as Ryuk and L from Death Note!
Momo is amazing as Ryuk, but man, Miemie has the L-squat down pat.

▼ Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

▼ That is one badass kindergartener.

▼ Seems like Miemie also shares L’s love of candy.

▼ Thankfully Ryuk’s snack of choice is a bit healthier.

▼ Even reenacting some fan favorites
like the Ryuk version of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

▼ And mom joined in for some extra L action.

▼ Here’s a video of the two of them at the event. You can see a few
uncomfortable reactions from other kids, but no tears this year!

▼ And if you ever needed to see a kindergarten Ryuk
dance to Taiwanese pop, well your day has finally arrived.

Here’s how the Japanese Internet responded to this delightful duo:

“Just one of them would be amazing, both is simply incredible.”
“I’m glad there doesn’t seem to be any more crying kids this year.”
“Ryuk isn’t as scary as No Face, but the quality is even better.”
“Wish I went to an awesome kindergarten like that.”
“I think we’ve got some future pro cosplayers here.”

Awesome job to Momo and Miemie, and of course to mom as well. We hope they keep up the tradition next year, and if they want to continue with scary costumes, then perhaps a demon version of Anpanman would be a good choice?

Source: Facebook/萌萌&咩咩(小小無臉男), Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Facebook/萌萌&咩咩(小小無臉男)