Shoot for Instagram. Even if you miss, you may land among Twitter.

Thanks to social media, almost anyone can become Internet-famous these days. Whether you post videos of your life on YouTube, hilarious and horrifying creations on Twitter, or stylishly posed and filtered photos of McDonald’s hamburgers stuck on soft drink straws on Instagram, if you catch people’s attention, you’ll get likes, comments, and followers galore.

Japanese bento can be art forms in and of themselves, with the variety of colors, fun characters, and attention to detail making them particularly Instagram-worthy. But what if you’re just a simple old bento from a supermarket or deli? Those pre-made bento generally lack the cuteness and presentation of a homemade bento lovingly assembled by mom or dad, but that didn’t stop one little pre-made lunch from dreaming big.

@nanami_hanon posted a photo on Twitter of a bento she found being sold at a bento specialty mart in Shizuoka, with the description on its label reading: “Bento that aimed for Instagram glory” (Insta-hae wo neratta obento). @nanami_hanon mentioned in the comments of her tweet that, despite its aim, it still just looked like a regular old ready-made bento lunch.

While it may not have reached its goal of being Instagram-worthy, it hit the next best thing: Twitter fame. Thanks to @nanami_hanon’s post, the little-bento-that-could has gotten over 17,000 retweets and more than 22,000 likes, with people all over commending its determination. Other comments include:

“It’s very honest.”
“But in the end it was only tweet-able.”
“I’ve never seen anything more Twitter-worthy than this lolol.”
“Now I’m waiting for the #ionlyboughtthisbecauseofthename tweets (lol)”

Better luck next time, little bento!

Source: Twitter/@nanami_hanon via Jcast Trend 
Featured image: Twitter/@nanami_hanon