Even in Japan, there’s no escape from Halloween – at these Horror Hotels.

When choosing a hotel, somewhere that isn’t a million miles away from the station or tourist sites is a major plus, and at the very least you want somewhere you can wash and somewhere quiet to get a good night’s sleep. The latter proved trickier than some squeamish Japanese Twitter users expected though, after their hotels got into the Halloween spirit(s).


Japanese Twitter user @cetacea_kw wasn’t expecting to come across this at their hotel in Kyoto, a city that is old enough and has seen enough to make the idea of wandering restless spirits not such a stretch of the imagination. Look really closely and you can see a girl inside the hotel with Sadako-like pale skin, ready to welcome guests to their (final) resting place.

Japan has really embraced Halloween with increasing numbers of people taking to the streets and to Halloween parties and events in costume, and businesses, who can smell profit at fifty paces, are jumping on the bandwagon. Hotels are no exception. Even if you find yourself travelling well before Halloween proper, you may be in for a scare, as Twitter user @purplerain_npg discovered, though October had only just begun.

▼ They may have been a bit early, but hats off to them for the Hotel California reference.

Twitter user @299alex discovered these gruesome figures just outside the entrance to the toilets at her hotel – exactly what you don’t need when you’ve got a full bladder.

Twitter user @egashun posted this photo from her Tokyo hotel, because nothing guarantees a good night’s sleep more than fresh linen, tea and coffee making facilities and the spectre of Death hanging over you to remind you of your mortality.


▼ Even love hotels, where year-round Christmas themes can often be found, are getting in on the act, it seems. Not so much rabuho, as rabuhora.

While some Twitter users joked about cancelling their reservations, others were impressed at the length the hotels had gone to celebrate the holiday. Of course, hotel staff don’t need to go all out with fancy decorations to scare their guests off hotels; they could just show them The Shining. That did it for me with hotels, and twins.

Source: Jin115
Featured image: Twitter/cetacea_kw