Drawing eye-catching backgrounds for your character art can be time-consuming, but not anymore with this nifty doodling trick.

The Internet is full of helpful tips for aspiring artists that help turn long, tedious tasks into something much more manageable.

Japanese Twitter user @sin_yuuri has one such tip for those who wish to spruce up their work with a snazzy background, and the beauty of it is that the entire process is incredibly simple.

▼ Here’s the tutorial video.

In your favorite drawing software, first create a layer on which to draw the background, then click on the free selection tool or lasso tool. Hold down your mouse button or stylus, then proceed to doodle random shapes all around your art, letting go when you’re satisfied with the design.

▼ Feel free to adjust the selection or redo it if required.

▼ Fill in the selection with your choice of color and it’s almost done.

▼ Apply a color gradient to the selection at the end for a stylish finish.
@sin_yuuri here went with two contrasting gradients of blue and red.

Japanese Twitter was suitably impressed by her ingenuity:

“Amazing! Can I use this method when I run out of ideas for backgrounds too?”
“Wow this is great! Thanks for the simple tutorial.”
“This looks easy and convenient!”
“What’s this? I’ll be sure to try this fascinating trick.”
“I tried this out and it’s incredible. Thanks for the tip!”

Since designing digital backgrounds can easily take up as much time as drawing character art, @sin_yuuri’s method can be a quick way to touch up a portrait that’s otherwise bare.

Want an even faster way? Then perhaps some downloadable manga backgrounds might suit your needs.

Source, images: Twitter/@sin_yuuri