Can your hand run and hit a strike on its own?

Over the years, social media has given us some weird and wonderful Internet trends including the saucy one-finger and underboob challenges that had people taking their clothes off last year. Now there’s a new craze that everyone can’t resist trying, and this time you can keep your clothes on for it, as all it requires is a black marker and one of your hands.

The new challenge that people are attempting to perfect is bowling with one hand. It may sound simple, but when you take into account that two of your fingers have to run like a pair of legs, while one finger bowls as a hand, things become a little more complicated.

▼ Take a look at the clip that first started the trend in Japan:

Ever since Twitter user @DogXyz showed off his prowess at bowling a strike with his hand/finger, complete with a joyous two-hand/two-finger reaction, people around the country have been trying the trick out for themselves. 

▼ Some people were unable to recreate the scene at all.

▼ While others went one step further by adding a thumb-head to the routine.

The online trend even inspired an alternate hand-human, who went through a set of push-ups.

Since being posted online, the original video has received a whopping 233,000 likes and counting. Twitter users have been leaving comments like:

“This is freaky! The movements look so natural!”
“I don’t know why but I can’t stop watching this – I love it!”
“This puts a smile on my face every time.”
“What a genius idea!”
“I’m impressed by the dexterity of this guy’s fingers!”

According to @DogXyz, he’s really right-handed, which makes this even more of an impressive feat. Now we’ll have to get out our markers and give the bowling hand challenge a go for ourselves. And after that, we’ll see if we can balance a phone on our chest, in the anime-inspired Tawawa challenge

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@DogXyz