Today is the day to celebrate that sweet spot of flesh between sock and skirt.

Every year the Japanese calendar is filled with special event days to celebrate all sorts of weird and wonderful occasions, and today is the day to spend a moment admiring the beauty of the knee-high sock.

Like any good holiday, this celebration doesn’t discriminate – whether your knee-highs are long or short, or in the form of boots, stockings or socks, all shapes, sizes and colours are welcome!

So without any further ado, let’s get to it and take a look at some of the nice knee-highs on display in Japan today.

▼ For some, there’s nothing like the comfort of a good cotton over-the-knee sock.

▼ While others prefer to flash their flesh in stockings and suspenders.

▼ Of course cosplayers have been celebrating the day with a good selection of photos from their collections.

▼ Some like to pair their stockings with schoolgirl outfits…

▼ While others like to add them to maids’ uniforms.

▼ These knee-highs even come with sailor suit schoolgirl collars!

While women have been showing off their skin in the cute knee-high look, some Twitter users have been reminding us that sportsmen are fond of a good knee-high too.

And artists have been sharing some of their favourite sketches showcasing the beauty of the thigh.

Digital drawings and computer-generated characters have also been getting into the swing of things.

▼ And even animated bears can show their love of a good knee-hi too!

The day is still young so if you haven’t added your knee-high photos to the collection yet, be sure to dig through your albums and add an image online with the hashtag #いいニーハイの日. Happy Nice Knee-High Socks Day everyone!

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@@n9su6a5ki8o