Santa’s talented buxom pianist puts on a mesmerising performance.

Now that we’re on the other side of Christmas, and counting down the days until the New Year, it might seem like the festive season is just about over, but here to prove us wrong is Japanese gravure idol Riyoko Takagi.

Takagi has given us the gift that keeps on giving, with a video that shows her playing a J-Pop Christmas Medley on the electronic piano, all while dressed in a skimpy Santa costume. As a talented jazz pianist who’s been playing since the age of four, Tokyo-born Takagi plays the piano with ease, looking into the camera and bouncing around to some of the livelier tunes as she makes her way through the seven-song medley.

Take a look at the video below:

Takagi clearly has an amazing talent for the piano, seamlessly transitioning from one song to the other to create a memorable performance. Not only does she hit all the right notes on the piano, she nails it with her festive outfit too, accessorising her fur-trimmed red bra top with long gloves, a Santa hat and some very Christmassy jewellery.

After starting off her performance with “Christmas Song” by Japanese rock trio back number, Takagi plays BOA’sMeri Kuri” before going into “Winter Song” by Dreams Come True. “Winter Song” is a more boppy number which has Takagi bouncing around in her chair and really showing off her skills as her fingers race around the instrument.

The next song she plays is “Christmas Eve” by Tatsuro Yamashita, followed by Ryuichi Sakamoto’sMerry Christmas, Mr Lawrence“, from the film of the same name. Then it’s time to move on to “At The Time Of Christmas Carol” by Junichi Inagaki before finishing off with “Itsuka no Merry Christmas” by B’z.

▼ If you watched the clip until the end, you would’ve seen Takagi give a short but sweet “Mery Christmas!” message to her viewers…

▼ Before reaching over to turn the camera off at the very end.

After appearing in Japanese Playboy as a “Busty Jazz Beauty” last year, Takagi has been becoming more and more popular with fans, who have been singing her praises on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Hopefully next year she’ll be back again with another Christmas medley for us all, and maybe Taiwanese beauty Sax-Wendy will be inspired to take out her saxophone for a holiday performance then too.

Source: Kai-You
Images: YouTube/Riyoko Takagi