Turns out there are more delicious things you can use that shredding machine for other than cutting up paper.

Simple meals at home can be upgraded to the next level using ingenious kitchen tools, and while you can stamp utterly adorable pawprints on breads and pancakes, that requires spending money on something which may not see much use other than cooking.

Instead of searching for new tools to jazz up his meal, Japanese Twitter user @gossi_nsr turned to his trusty cross-cut paper shredder for some culinary inspiration. Since the machines are great at instantly slicing just about anything into tiny fragments, it could potentially save him a lot of time processing foods.

▼ An unproven rule of thumb in any culinary experiment is to start with
something tough and stinky like dried squid.

▼ Take that, nemesis of jaw muscles!

Realizing that he could get a lot of value out of the device, @gossi_nsr rummaged through his kitchen and grabbed whatever delicious foodstuff he could think of.

▼ Edible kelp, or konbu, is an ingredient used in making rich broths.
After shredding, he popped those straight into his mouth for a savory flavor burst.

▼ Shredded seaweed toppings on a donburi bowl? Yes please.

▼ Pretty yummy if you ask me.

Thanks to him, Japanese netizens were ecstatic to discover a new use for their paper shredders:

“He’s a genius.”
“I’m going to try this myself.”
“It looks delicious.”
“That’s so convenient, though I really want one specifically for shredding food.”
“Can you also use it for cheese?”

Although cleaning the shredder after use may seem like a huge pain, it does offer the advantage of effortlessly chopping up notoriously tough or dry ingredients. Switch to a strip-cut shredder and you’ll be slicing them into ribbons within seconds.

Cutting them up into gorgeous designs is out of the question of course, but you can rely on high-tech laser-cut seaweed to do those instead.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@gossi_nsr