Crazy or strangely erotic? You be the judge.

From fried chicken pants to Anpanman origami fortune tellers, Twitter is a treasure trove filled with strange finds and unusual wares. Now there’s a new product discovery being shared online that has everyone puzzled, and it comes from Japanese Twitter user @Raphael_basami.

After taking part in a lottery to win prizes offered by Ajinomoto, a Japanese company best known for its seasonings, cooking oils and ready-made meals, @Raphael_basami was the lucky winner of a specially made timer not usually available in stores.

After receiving the cool yet crazy-looking timer, @Raphael_basami shared a couple of pictures of it on Twitter, immediately racking up thousands of likes and retweets.

The initial tweet was soon followed by a video showing the timer in action, to really give everyone a better idea of how bizarre it looks.

▼ Beware of the loud alarm that goes off at the end!

To start the timer, all you have to do is simply pull the gyoza pot-sticker cord, which then counts down a five-minute period.

▼ It’s not a pretty sight as the gyoza dangles from a set of plump, bright red lips.

Though it might look like the moment of regurgitating a gyoza has been suspended for some sort of crazy art installation, the fried morsel slowly begins to move upward, back up to the mouth from which it came.

As the timer counts down the final seconds, the gyoza, which has all the impressive detail of a Japanese plastic food replica, meets the lips to make it look like it’s about to be eaten. Instead, though, it ends up looking like some sort of weird kiss, which prompts the alarm to go off so that everyone in the house can run over to behold the unusual sight.

Twitter users were both enthralled and perplexed by the unusual product.

“This is so cool! I wish I had one!”
“Imagine seeing those lips peering out at you from a dimly lit kitchen at night…”
“This just looks dirty!”
“I’d love to know what sort of person came up with the idea for this!”
“What an indecent thing to have in the kitchen!”

Given that so many big companies in Japan love offering up unique one-of-a-kind prizes as part of their promotional campaigns, we have a feeling this isn’t the last time we see something like this online.

Let’s just hope next time it’s something a little more innocent, like these ketchup-loving Pokémon!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Raphael_basami