Clearing snow is hard work. Besides, you don’t need to see where you’re going when you’re driving, right?

As anyone who lives, and drives, in a country where the winter temperatures drop below zero will probably know all too well, scraping the ice off the windscreen when you’re in a rush is the devil’s own job. So, it’s possible to have some sympathy for one driver in Japan who decided that shifting all the snow that had piled on top of their car was too much effort.

▼ The car journey starts off well enough, a quiet drive through a beautiful winter wonderland.

▼ Then some of the snow from the roof starts to melt, and… it’s fine you can just about make out the road, who needs to see the sky anyway?

▼ The snow is so heavy that the wipers can’t cope with it and just flat out give up. Pretty terrifying when you’re driving along at speed.

The video in its entirety shows how bladder-vacatingly scary the whole incident is. One minute, driving along seconds or minutes earlier than if they had swept the snow off, then nothing but snow.

The driver, Twitter user @yharu229, explains that they were able to stop the car shortly after taking the video, without incident. A lucky escape and a reminder why you need to take the time to brush the snow off. Yet more proof that there’s absolutely no reason to leave your kotatsu if you have one before winter is over. Although according to Google Maps, good weather isn’t necessarily much safer.

Source: Twitter/@yharu229 via jin115
Images: Twitter/@yharu229