Tons of customers queued in line for a chance to see the “Braised Sister” up close.

It seems Taiwan has a thing for hiring pretty girls or shirtless hunks to run stalls in an effort to draw in crowds. Probably because it works.

One braised-food stall in Taichung City’s Beitun District had been experiencing lackluster sales performance lately, presumably due to the establishment being just one of countless other similar stalls in the area. The situation was beginning to look dire, and the owners employed a model for one day to see if things would improve.

▼ It did! An assortment of tasty items were on offer…

▼ …and the service was also top-notch.

The Taiwanese model, known as Little Peach, offered customers the opportunity to take pictures with her if they arrived early. According to her Facebook account, she was concerned that no one would turn up for her shift, but it seemed her worries were unfounded.

▼ Some people were captivated by her impressive skills with the chopper…

▼ …and others were amused that Little Peach forgot the rest of her jeans.

▼ It wasn’t long before Taiwanese media outlets began to call her “Braised Sister”.

Short stint it might have been, but both Little Peach and the stall owners parted on good terms, resulting in even more fans gained for the attractive model and increased sales for the braised snack store. Win-win for everyone involved.

Braised Sister might have drawn a huge crowd with her cooking skills, but I reckon beautiful college-student turned Pork Princess would have performed just as well, if not better.

Source: Taiwan News via NextShark
Featured image: Facebook/vivi02257