Erina Kamiya is back, and this time she’s using her magic bosom to save the world from an incoming meteor.

Erina Kamiya has been making a name for herself in the world of Japanese gravure idols, with memorable videos like this one of her smashing through roof tiles…with her breasts.

Now the G-cup model, a favourite amongst staff here at SoraNews24, is showing off the power of her chest again, in a brand new video that sees her taking time out from an onsen trip with her girlfriends in order to save the world from a giant fireball hurtling towards Earth. Called “Breasts Save the World“, the short video is sweet, crazy, and hilarious all at the same time.

Check out the clip below:

The video starts off with Kamiya casually enjoying a soak in the bath during an onsen hot spa trip with fellow idols and Misa Kubota and Moa Tsukino.

Suddenly, the model hears the sound of a huge meteor crashing towards Earth, and as she turns to face the extraterrestrial object, she gathers her strength and readies her guns to shoot it down.

Her guns, of course, are her powerful breasts, which power up in a magical sequence, shooting out beams of energy high above the Earth and shattering the comet into pieces.

▼ Those are some powerful nipples!

All that’s left of the fireball is plumes of animated pink smoke, and three women who will live to fight another day. And it’s all thanks to Kamiya’s ample bosom.

The buxom model definitely knows how to attract attention both at home and abroad, which isn’t surprising, seeing as she’s a member of the Akihabara-based Kamen Joshi, or “Mask Girls” idol unit, who inspired the idol-singer-girl sweat-flavoured fried chicken and girls’ feet-flavoured fried chicken recently.

Still, if Kamiya decides to save the world again in another crazy sequence of events, we won’t turn away, especially if she includes her viral rapid T-shirt undressing techniques in her next video!

Source, images: YouTube/神谷えりな Kamiya Erina