Whether you’re new to Japan or a resident, this easily digestible video will fill you in on the country’s facts faster than any other.

Plenty of videos offer glimpses into Japan’s beautiful scenery or vibrant culture, with some even letting viewers take a cool virtual 360-degree tour around popular sightseeing spots.

But for those who want more than just tourism, and crave history or insights, those videos are harder to come by.

But one YouTube channel, Geography Now, does an excellent job. They create videos that provide in-depth information on different countries without turning into hour-long encyclopedias. They’ve even created one about Japan, discussing almost everything under the sun from religion to society.

▼ We wish this sixteen-minute video could be longer.

The host, Paul “Barby” Barbato, talks at a rapid pace to keep the production as short as possible, so we recommend turning on captions so viewers can catch the location names and Japanese terminology being thrown around.

▼ Barby covers some lesser-known geographical facts
that are quite enlightening, like Okinotorishima here.

▼ He even goes into a brief lesson on indigenous ethnic groups in Japan…

▼ …the important people throughout Japanese history…

▼ …and diplomatic relations between countries.

Kudos to the channel for creating a fantastic video introducing Japan to the world. Regardless of whether you have yet to step foot in the country or are already actively living here, there’s bound to be some interesting facts in there for everyone.

Perhaps the only thing missing is the stunning variety of delicious Japanese foods, but fortunately, Hatsune Miku already has got that covered.

Source: YouTube/Geography Now via Japaaan Magazine
Images: YouTube/Geography Now