A tribute to the most touching moments in manga and anime.

Anime and manga can move our hearts, and as one animated story of a bullied deaf girl shows, they can be quite uplifting as well.

Japanese Twitter user @tomoyanandayo loves drawing, and as someone who has been inspired by various anime, he has taken the liberty of drawing some of the most powerful scenes in manga history.

“I’ve drawn some manga scenes that hit close to
home and styled them like advertisement posters.”

“A person only dies when they are forgotten.”

A defining moment in One Piece, the image depicts the scene where Portgas D. Ace, foster brother to Luffy, sacrificed his life to protect his younger brother from the imposing Akainu. His death spurred Luffy to train even harder to protect those close to him.

▼ Luffy loses his brother.

“When you wish to protect something important,
that is when you become stronger.”

Naruto’s incredible journey from low-level ninja to Hokage was fraught with perils and deadly foes, but early adversary Zabuza Momochi and his fierce affection for teammate Haku remained fresh in his mind to this day.

▼ Even a heartless killer feels something when he loses his partner.

“Someone, somewhere out there is waiting for a hero’s rescue today.”

This scene from My Hero Academia sees school bully Katsuki Bakugo being suffocated by the Sludge Villain. Despite main protagonist Izuku Midoriya not having any powers, he rushes forward without thinking in order to save him.

▼ You don’t need to be superhuman to be a hero.

“Stained hands can be washed clean.
Hands tainted with crime will forever remain stained.”

The last picture sees Edward convincing Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist from exacting revenge on antagonist Scar, who was in turn responsible for her parents’ deaths.

▼ Hands free from guilt are meant to protect.

The artist @tomoyanandayo regularly churns out bite-sized servings of emotional inspiration in the form of impactful drawings accompanied by powerful words. If such sentimental trips hit you in the right spot, then be sure to give them a follow on twitter, and maybe check out this manga of a mother’s loving message to her daughter.

Source, images: Twitter/@tomoyanandayo