Fans are now asking the pianist to give live shows in cosplay around the country.

Jazz piano performances might not sound appealing to everyone, but for Japanese jazz pianist Riyoko Takagi, there’s one sure way to get everyone’s attention while tinkling the ivories, and it involves revealing cosplay.

The Tokyo-born musician first made news last year when she appeared on YouTube, playing a Christmas medley on the piano while dressed in festive underwear. Then she gave everyone a thrill for New Year’s with her courtesan-inspired performance.

Now Takagi has returned with another eye-catching outfit, this time in the guise of Lum Invader, or Lum, the female protagonist from the manga and anime series Urusei Yatsura.

Matching the outfit is “Lum’s Love Song“, the theme song from the anime series. Takagi’s jazz version of the original piece is entertaining to listen to, and the pianist also gives us plenty to look at during the performance as well.

In the clip, Takagi performs expertly, running her fingers over the keys with ease as she smiles and poses for the camera.

Viewers who sit through the entire performance are rewarded with a special message from the pianist, who says, “Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi“, a phrase used during the annual Japanese holiday of setsubun, which translates to “Devils outside, good luck inside“.

Celebrated on February 3 every year, setsubun is the perfect time for a spot of Lum cosplay, seeing as the character comes from an alien race known as the Oni, who come to Earth to invade the planet.

▼ Although this is a very different type of invasion.

According to Takagi, this jazz piece is the start of her new Anime Song series, which she’ll be adding to in the upcoming weeks. In her latest video, she performs “Moonlight Densetsu” (“Moonlight Legend“), the opening theme song for the first four seasons of the Sailor Moon anime, while dressed as the series’ titular character.

To keep up to date with more of Takagi’s unique videos, be sure to check out her website and YouTube channel. Who knows where she’ll take us to next on her musical cosplay journey!

Source: Kai-You
Images: YouTube/Riyoko Takagi