Who needs adult coloring books when regular kid’s coloring books can look this spectacular?

A sign of a good artist is that they can create something beautiful no matter the medium they’re given to work with, be it makeup instead of markers or Microsoft Excel instead of a traditional digital artist studio.

Even simple coloring book pages made for children can be turned into amazing pieces of art in the right hands, as Japanese Twitter-user convexoconcave showed when he posted the recent works his wife did:

“My artist wife tried her hand at coloring our son’s
coloring book, and the results are spectacular.”

In the photos you can see what the blank pages from the coloring book looked like — just simple outlines of various Japanese trains, meant for young kids to color in with markers or crayons. But with a bit of watercolor paint and a skilled hand, his wife added her own touch to the pages, giving them depth and dimension.

The different colors set a mood for each one as well: using dark greys and blues to give a more solemn feeling to the first Shinkansen picture, while the greens and yellows in the second picture greatly brighten the mood.

Of course, Japanese Twitter was quite impressed by her handiwork:

“Amazing! Of course a professional artist doesn’t need to go out and buy an adult coloring book to pull off something like this.”
“I have the same coloring book, but this is really something.”
“Now this is art!”

While this isn’t the first artist who’s had their way with a children’s coloring book before, we’ll definitely take these beautiful watercolor scenes over horrifying macho Pikachu any day!

Source: Twitter/@convexoconcave via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@convexoconcave