Royal treatment for the first-born and overly laid-back attitude for the second, this cool mom draws out her charming parenting life.

Having a first child is a momentous occasion. Since it’s the family’s first bundle of joy, poring over meaningful baby names and meticulously planning out meals quickly becomes the norm.

But when the second baby comes along, our perspective of what it means to be a parent has changed.

Weng Chen is a Chinese artist living in America, and her amusing comics depicting drastic parenting differences between first-born and second-born children has recently set the Internet abuzz.

▼ Healthy dieting for the first child, and No-Face pigging for the second.

▼ Even breastfeeding is completely different.

▼ Mothers want their kids to grow up strong and healthy…

▼ …and dress the best.

▼ That’s a pretty high body temperature if you ask me.

▼ Educational baby toys versus the ultimate
source of entertainment in the house.

▼ Achievements by the second-born are often underappreciated.

▼ Apprehension on the first day of school,
turning to joy when the kids are finally out.

As English isn’t Weng’s native language, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes sometimes punctuate her artworks, some of which have not gone unnoticed by netizens. According to her blog, she almost stopped creating English comics after receiving harsh criticisms on her language. We’re glad she had the courage to continue despite her critics, and in doing so reach out to even more people with her hilarious works.

Weng now blogs about her family matters under the moniker Messy Cow, and though her household isn’t quite as bizarre as some in Japan, it has plenty of other interesting topics that’ll keep readers hooked on for a long time.

Source: Facebook/MessycowComics, WordPress/Messy Cow via NextShark
Images: WordPress/Messy Cow