It’s the day in May when maids of all shapes and sizes come out to play.

May always starts off well in Japan, with a series of Golden Week holidays giving everyone a chance to take a break from new schools and new jobs after the beginning of the fiscal year in April.

But that’s when May Sickness, or Gogatsu-byou, threatens to kick in, as the harsh reality of the daily grind crushes down on everyone. With no sight of another long weekend on the horizon for another two whole months, everyone’s shiny new enthusiasm becomes dulled.

Here to save the day is Maid’s Day, celebrated on 10 May due to the fact that the alternate reading for 10 (do) works to create the word “May-do” which sounds just like the word “Maid“ in Japanese.

As always, cosplayers, artists and even figurines came out to play, sharing their photos with the international maid-loving community. Let’s take a look at some of their pictures below!

While the frilly black-and-white costume is one of the most popular choices for Maid’s Day, that doesn’t mean all maids are made the same, with cute maids…

▼ Moody maids…

▼ Cheeky maids…

▼ Scary maids…

▼ And AV actress maids in underwear making an appearance.

There were also plenty of good-looking 2-D maids on display as well.

Not to be left out, figurines and dolls also got dressed up for the occasion.

While traditional maids are known for their housekeeping duties, the maids of Maid’s Day prefer not to be photographed with any housecleaning supplies, with many choosing to lie down on the job instead.

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With photos still appearing online to celebrate Maid’s Day, it’s still not too late to join in the festivities by adding your own pics to the collection. Don’t forget to add the Maid’s Day hashtag #メイドの日 in Japanese, and if you’re looking for inspiration, you can find plenty more ideas from last year’s celebrations!

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