This guy (and this article) are literally NSFW.

There is nobody more crazy about Japanese anime than Swiss super otaku, Melonpan, who constantly sets the Internet ablaze with his habit of wearing sexy anime costumes that leave little to the imagination.

And although not much is known about the enigmatic man who goes by the Twitter handle @MeidocafeR, fans feared for his career when he announced a few weeks ago that his employer got wind of his wacky activities.

▼ He’s in a pinch!
(Translation below)

“My Twitter was discovered by my boss and now I’m in a pretty pickle. I thought there were lots of people who knew I was a pervert! I’m thus confronted with a challenge I’ve never faced before. Should I delete my account, repent, or look for a new job? A tough problem!”

▼ His boss must have been mortified to find his
hard-working employee doing something like this.

▼ Two days later, the verdict arrived.
(Translation below)

“Thanks for your heartfelt words, everyone. They resonated in my chest! I’ve decided! Even if I’m jobless, I will follow the path of the pervert! Although I’m fully aware that uploading pictures and videos will tarnish my employer’s (UBS) image, I can’t bring myself to make this account private. Switzerland is a free perverted country!”

While it came as a shock to almost everyone that Melonpan was working for UBS, the largest Swiss bank in the world, fans nevertheless hoped his next company could be more lenient.

▼ He started a new job in courier company
DHL a few weeks later…

▼ …but alas, it was not meant to be.
(Translation below)

“Due to a whirlwind of complaints, I got fired on the first day. I think I’ll bravely return to UBS and apply to a department where people don’t recognize me. It’s difficult being a perverted gentleman, but I’ll do my best!”

Melonpan’s Japanese fans were very supportive of his decisions:

“You’ll definitely be accepted in Japan.”
“Doing something you love is what life is about! Go get them!!!”
“Might as well start an otaku goods store in Switzerland.”
“Your attitude of following your true calling is fantastic! Please do your best! But it might be wiser to keep company names secret.”
“It might be best to keep a low profile, but I enjoy your perverted tweets. I’m rooting for you!”

While Melonpan’s unswerving passion for his hobby is certainly a positive trait that companies seek in employees, they may not be so forgiving once they discover videos of him doing things like licking sexy anime figurines.

If that’s the case, perhaps becoming a professional YouTuber might be the best option for the world’s number-one otaku.

Source: Twitter/@MeidocafeR via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@MeidocafeR