Justice is served with an aura of gorgeous gallantry.

Law enforcement, generally speaking, is not glamorous work. At its fundamental level, it’s a job that consists of telling people what they can’t do, and usually involves a lot of looking stern, inflexible, and unfriendly.

But a stunning exception has recently come to light on Japanese Twitter, thank to @CRSVDV, who recently tweeted this series of snapshots.

Showing a knack for understated conciseness, @CRSVDV simply tweeted “Russian mounted police officer.” That’s all he needed to get the attention of thousands of other Twitter users, who gushed over the woman’s combination of beauty, elegance, and overall atmosphere of capable purposefulness.

▼ More than one admirer was amused by the combination of a woman who works on horseback sporting a pony tail.

The photos stirred up various urges in those who saw them, with some saying they suddenly felt a desire to travel to Russia and/or break the law, in hopes of creating an opportunity to meet the woman. A more law-abiding commenter instead said she’d like to cosplay as her, and other comments have included:

“I think I’m in love.”
“Gallant and cute, she’s absolutely wonderful.”
“Does it mean I have a dirty mind if I thought her tan belt was her bare midriff at first glance?”
“I wish the police uniforms looked this cool in Japan! Why are ours so lame?”

Unfortunately for the officer’s suddenly sprouted fanbase, she’s yet to be identified by name, which means that those hoping to follow her ostensible social media accounts are out of luck for the time being. They’ll just have to keep their fingers crossed that such information becomes available in the future, and perhaps that she teams up with similarly Internet famous policewoman from Malaysia, Mongolia, and China to form some sort of super-photogenic Interpol.

Source: Twitter/@CRSVDV via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter/@CRSVDV