Deteriorating facilities remind us of the power of time and the fragility of man’s monuments.

Japanese Twitter user @98naykkan is no stranger to scenes of abandoned buildings in the process of being reclaimed by nature. He even mentions his penchant for searching out forgotten ruins around the country in his Twitter introduction. However, even he was surprised by the Internet’s viral reaction after posting photos of an abandoned power plant earlier this week.

▼ “You guys like this stuff, right? An abandoned power plant overflowing with greenery.”  

The photos’ atmosphere of neglect is somehow both eerie and peaceful at the same time. You can almost feel a natural power radiating from the scenery as the sunlight streams through the broken glass. Actually, @98naykkan’s Instagram account, subtitled “Abandoned World,” is completely dedicated to his collection of mesmerizing discoveries. The following are just a small sampling of his artistry.

This corridor is especially haunting.

▼ When was the last time this car went for a drive?

A stunning sunset reminds us of a Makoto Shinkai film

▼ Gorgeous ivy slowly encroaching on a statue

▼ It makes you wonder who the very last people were to sit in these chairs…

@98naykkan even posted a video of some of his explorations on YouTube, set to a catchy beat:

His photos inspired other net users to share their own photos of similarly abandoned buildings, including other types of power plants:

▼ “I heard Twitter is like a Power Plant Festival right now, so I’m leaving these shots of the famous Okunoshima [aka Rabbit Island]‘s former thermal power station.”

▼ “Hydroelectric plant”

▼ “Hydroelectric plant (2). I’m taking advantage of this sudden surge in popularity of abandoned power plant sites covered in vegetation.”

▼ “The ruins of a hydroelectric plant covered in greenery”

But alas–all good things must come to an end. After expressing some lighthearted concerns that his followers were getting tired of seeing so many power plant ruins, @98naykkan decided that it was time to move on to posting some different photos:

▼ “I think it’s about time to bring this ‘Power Plant Festival’ to a close. As a parting gift, here are some scenes of other power plants.”

Net reactions to @98naykkan’s original tweet compared his photos to video games:

▼ “It looks like this place was used as reference for the Wii game Fragile Dreams…they’re really similar. I really like it…”

▼ “It reminds me of this”

To be perfectly honest, our first reaction after reading “abandoned power plant” in the original tweet was recalling the run-down power plant encountered in Pokémon Red and Blue. We half expected to see a Zapdos lurking in the corner of one of the photos!

Source: Twitter/@98naykkan
Featured image: Twitter/@98naykkan