This salon worker is renowned for trimming hair into stylish bobs and short styles, but his miniature doll makeover is something special!

The world of hair salons can be extraordinarily competitive. Without a cutting edge over your opponents, you’ll get left in a clumpy mess on the floor – hence why more and more stylists are getting into the social media game, with Instagram photo sets and YouTube transformation videos to showcase their skills.

Ryouta Nomoto, head honcho of the hair salon ‘CIECA‘ in Harajuku, is one such thriving entrepreneur. His Twitter is full of striking video compilations that highlight his customer’s newly clipped styles, as well as adorable photos of his fashionista cat Mog.

However, there’s one of his posts that’s a real cut above the rest. Apparently, a customer brought a doll – “Licca-chan”, a popular brand of doll akin to Barbie – and requested the stylist work his trademark magic on the doll’s synthetic bob.

“A customer came to me and asked, “My little Licca doll has a bob cut too, but it looks kind of dowdy on her. Would you trim her hair for me?”
What an incredible request! I took it very seriously and gave Licca a proper haircut.
Turns out her hair is incredibly thick, and her hairline is all over the place, but I did cut her hair! I focused on giving her a cute, balanced look. Check it out, lol.”

The video starts out with a very bland cut indeed – raggedy bangs, split ends, the works! But the stylist’s skilled hands and gleaming scissors trim away at the excess until Licca looks seriously cool. The video’s full of little text comments, too: “This is my first time doing this!” and “Seriously, she has so much hair.”

Twitter loved his little experiment, with more than 42,000 people retweeting the video. Curiously though, most seem less concerned with the final product than with this series of savage frames towards the end of the video:

▼ Poor old Licca!

▼ You know what they say: beauty is pain.

▼ “hrrhrgrrhrrhrhrgh”

The original poster replied to almost every comment the viral tweet received, and jokingly told one of the posters of the squished head shots: “You didn’t need to screencap that part, you know”.

On a lighter note, another commenter pointed out Licca’s stunning likeness to Japanese celebrity Chiemi Blouson.

“Am I the only one who sees the resemblance here?”

While Ryouta Nomoto does post other videos where he styles doll hair, they’re usually life-sized mannequin heads specifically used for practicing hair techniques. When asked if he might make an Instagram dedicated entirely to tiny masterpieces like this one he responded quickly with “sounds like a pain“, so don’t hold your breath for more Licca looks like this one any time soon.

Still, this just opens the door for all manner of weird haircut experiments in the name of spreading your brand. Stylish raccoon cuts, anyone?

Source, featured image: Twitter/@cieca_nomoto