Perfect for cosplayers or for those who wish to experience what’s it like to be a woman.

While many men who dress as women are perfectly happy with their masculine features, others prefer a softer, curvier look. But not everyone is blessed with a feminine bodyline or androgynous looks that will turn heads and make hearts race.

One solution is to explore online shops like Eyung Crossdressing Store that offers custom-made silicone bodysuits. Carefully designed for realistic texture, these full bodysuits instantly transform the wearer into a slender woman complete with fake breasts, buttocks, and even a vagina.

▼ A variety of female masks are also available,
allowing people to literally wear a second skin.

The skintight bodysuits  are priced at US$552 each and made to fit snugly. They’re ideal for crossdressing in general or for male cosplayers who wish to possess the same body type as their favorite female characters.

▼ Become the beautiful woman of your dreams.

Wearing one, however, involves a somewhat tedious process of applying body powder to every inch of skin to prevent sticking. Nevertheless, it’s a price worth paying for those wishing to undergo a temporary body transformation.

▼ Aside from full suits, different sections of the anatomy can be easily purchased too,
like this head and chest piece here.

▼ Some of them look just like the real thing.

▼ Also available are women’s hips and bums.

▼ And if dressing up as an old man is up your alley, you can do that too!

The body suits and props can be purchased online here.

It’s amazing how far technology has advanced, allowing people to not only dress up in the clothes of the opposite sex, but the skin as well. No longer do we need to have god-like levels of makeup skills or effeminate appearances, as all it takes is a few clicks to be completely transformed.

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