Magical combination of Princess Peach and Bowser/King Koopa has hearts racing and pencils flying.

The upcoming New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is the latest upgraded video game re-release coming to Nintendo’s Switch. Based on 2012’s New Super Mario Bros. U for the company’s far less popular Wii U console, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe will add new gameplay elements, with one being the Super Crown power-up.

It’s already confirmed that the Super Crown transforms the ordinarily very muhsroomy looking playable character Toadette into a lookalike of the for more human Princess Peach, called Peachette. However, Twitter user @ayyk92 wondered what might happen in a different character, say, the Super Mario franchise’s recurring villain Bowser/King Koopa were to use the crown’s power.

And with that, the community of Internet video game fan artists’ passion was lit for a new muse. Though they haven’t agreed on a name for her (Bowsette, Bowserette, and Peacher have all been floated), the Internet has decided it finds this sexy cross between Bowser and Peach compellingly alluring.

It wasn’t long until the trend spread to Nintendo’s home country, and Japanese artists have now joined the fray, dubbing her “Koopa-hime” (meaning “Princess Koopa”) in the local language.

▼ A Princess Koopa drawn according to decidedly modern anime aesthetics

▼ And one that looks like I’s from the late ‘80s/early ‘90s golden age of direct-to-video anime.

With her mix of regal and reptilian features, Princess Koopa seems tailor-made for fans of anime characters with a hot-and-cold tsundere personality, and many of her portraits show the monstrous monarch sneering or scoffing.

Of course, when you’ve spent the last three decades with conquest and kidnaping as your main hobbies, your psyche is probably a little unbalanced, and some artists seem to have taken Princess Koopa past tsundere and into yandere (gleefully violent) territory.

Not that she needs to be threatening to kill someone in order to command attention, though.

As a fan-created character, obviously Princess Koopa hasn’t appeared in any of the actual Mario games. But artists have given us their visions of what she might have looked like in classic Nintendo titles.

Lost in all the excitement, however, has been the fact that Bowsette/Princess Koopa actually isn’t the first time King Koopa has semi-transformed into Princess Peach. There’s manga precedent for this, as shown in this scene where the turtle tyrant (sort of) takes on the guise of Peach and wears a note on his dress asking people to call him “Koopy.”

But Bowsette/Princess Koopa’s popularity has far surpassed any notoriety the overlooked Koopy once had. With such ardent admirers, no doubt many fans are hooping that between now and the release of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe in January Nintendo sees fit to add Princess Koopa to the game’s cast.

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Featured image: Twitter/@LolitaMajin