These futuristic rooms are a great place to stay if you find yourself in Vladivostok!

It used to be that capsule hotels were for cheap, last-minute, minimal accommodation, a last resort for the businessman or poor student who missed their last train. While that’s still partially true, their popularity with foreign tourists have made them into something of a novelty, and now they’re offering more and more amenities to their frugal-minded guests, like free noodles and virtual reality gear for rent.

Capsule hotels are not limited to Japan anymore, either; they’ve become kind of trendy throughout the world, and recently a capsule hotel in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok has gained attention on Japanese Twitter for its supremely cool sci-fi looks.

The walls inside Capsule Hotel Zodiac are all white, but carved into geometric shapes, so that as you walk to your capsule it really feels like you’re finding your bunk on an intergalactic ship. The walls you see in the third picture above are actually the exterior of the capsules. On the left, you can see the doors for each compartment, some of which are accessible by ladders.

Unlike the doors of many Japanese capsule rooms, these doors are solid, and they actually lock. The coolest thing about them, though, is that they open up with a card instead of a key, but not like your standard hotel card key. Instead of sliding the card in and out of a lock, the renter simply has to hold it up to a control panel, and when it registers, it makes an awesome digital noise before unlocking the door.

▼ It’s slightly disappointing that the door doesn’t slide open on its own, though.

The interior of the room is lit up with blue LED lights that make it look like the pilot pod of a Unicorn Gundam whose lights are blue instead of red. They’re pretty high-tech, too. According to Japanese blogger id:kikuchidesu, each room has a TV that folds down from the ceiling, and they also offer each of the different international outlets, which are built directly into the wall. Each room also has its own AC unit, which means you won’t have to suffer the whims of whoever is in charge of the temperature dial.

You won’t sacrifice convenience for looks if you choose to stay here, either. The hotel is located right in the center of Vladivostok, and is only about 15-20 minutes on foot from Vladivostok Station, according to the id:kikuchidesu. It’s also close to the ocean, and there are lots of places to eat and plenty of nightlife nearby, which means you won’t be struggling to find things to do in the area.

With all that, Capsule Hotel Zodiac is a great bargain. id:kikuchidesu paid only about 2,500 yen (about US$22) for a night, although they think the total price might depend on the amount of time that passes between check-in and check-out. That’s still a great price for a place that looks as cool as Japan’s coolest capsule hotel (which was once closed, but has since reopened in Kyoto and has numerous other locations throughout Japan). If you find yourself thinking of taking a tour in Vladivostok, consider booking a night in this hotel, and have an epic sci-fi experience!

Source: Twitter/@zebra_stripe_, Konya wa Iyahoi
Featured Image: Twitter/@animeotaku300