Makes us wonder if there will be an action-packed dentist anime someday.

Billboards are meant to be eye-catching, effectively grabbing the attention of passersby and advertising products in meaningful and impressionable ways. Japanese billboards are generally great at making heads turn, and though some can cause a confused head scratch or two, many will leave us smiling or feeling intrigued.

As was the case of a certain billboard placed at a busy road intersection near Ogikubo Station in Japan. A dental clinic had apparently approached famed illustrator and animator sushio_, and he quickly went to work and designed something that had absolutely nothing to do with the establishment it was advertising for. It looked supremely cool, however, and impact was all that mattered.

“Ta da! I drew the billboard for a dental clinic I usually pass by on my way to work!”

The advertisement was ingenious, as both pedestrians and drivers would no doubt take a glance at the gorgeous poster to see what anime it was promoting, only to find out that it was for “Momoi’s Dental Clinic.”

Sharp-eyed passersby would notice that the anime girl featured on the poster looked somewhat familiar, as the illustrator was none other than the legendary Toshio Ishizaki

▼ …whose distinctive style brought us memorable characters like Ryuko Matoi and Mako Mankanshoku in the epic action anime Kill la Kill.

▼ Curious pedestrians could not help but snap photos of the magnificent poster.

Japanese netizens were buzzing with excitement:

“Wow! I hate dentists, but this makes me want to pay them a visit.”
“I went there and had a look at it myself. It was so cool!”
“It looks like an awesome crossover between
Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill.”
“I’ll stop brushing my teeth starting today just so I can visit this clinic.”
“This is fantastic.”

Even if the billboard made no sense to some passersby, it had essentially achieved its purpose by drawing attention using bold colors and a striking theme against a backdrop of drab buildings.

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Source: Twitter/@sushio_ via My Game News Flash, Wikipedia
Featured image: Twitter/@sushio_