Japanese fetish designer takes Lolita fashion to new extremes.

Moira Design has been raising eyebrows over the years with surprising crossover costumes like military uniform leotards and Chinese dress school swimsuits, but now they’ve outdone themselves with what may be their most unusual release yet: Sugar Rompers.

According to the company, the new rompers are inspired by “Otona datte ogyaritai“, which loosely translates to “Even adults want to regress back to childhood”. The “ogyaritai” is a cute-sounding word that originates from the “ogya” (“waaa”) sound of a crying baby, and comes with warm-and-cuddly connotations of retreating from the stresses of adult life.

Like many of Moira Design’s other releases, these risqué Sugar Rompers are designed to be used by cosplayers and gravure models, but they can be worn by anyone who wants to de-stress and go back to being a carefree infant.

Moira Design has enlisted the help of Japanese cosplayer and Camerot maid cafe manager Gyava to model the new Sugar Romper, which comes as a two-piece set, pacifier not included.

The bodysuit includes a frilly white bib, with a stand-up collar and satin bow, and snap-button closures at the crotch.

The stretchy matte fabric ensures a tight yet comfortable and wrinkle-free fit, ensuring you look picture-perfect in all your bedroom poses.

The large and frilly bonnet contains concealed wire so it can be moulded and adjusted to suit your taste. And because it’s a half bonnet, it can be used even when wearing your hair in the popular twintails style.

The bonnet and romper can be ordered as a set for 19,800 yen (US$176), or separately, with the romper retailing for 14,800 yen and the bonnet retailing for 7,800 yen.

The Sugar Rompers are available in three colours — black, baby pink, and baby blue — and can be ordered online from Village Vanguard from 25 February to 8 March, with delivery scheduled for late April.

Source, images: PR Times
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