This bikini model may have lost her “happy fat” but she definitely hasn’t lost her spark.

Rizap, a Japanese company that promotes nutrition and exercise through personally tailored training and diet regimens, has become one of the fastest-growing fitness brands in Japan.

With eye-catching marketing campaigns involving billboards and commercials showing sad and frumpy before photos next to joyous, sexy after photos, the humorous but dramatic makeovers have become well-known across the country.

Now Rizap are set to become even more popular following their latest success story, which showcases the weight loss of Japanese gravure idol Ami Kikuchi. Kikuchi now stars in a series of short commercials for the company, starting with this one, which shows her losing her “happy weight”.

▼ This commercial shows Kikuchi grabbing her stomach and looking sad in her “before” look.

While this ad tracks her progress from 60.2 kilograms (132.7 pounds) to 49.7 kilograms (109.6 pounds) over the course of four months.

According to the company, 28-year-old Kikuchi was inspired to lose weight for her wedding in 2018. After taking the four-month Rizap challenge, Kikuchi lost 10.5 kilograms (23.1 pounds), dropping 20 centimetres (7.9 inches) off her waist and reducing her body-fat percentage by 6.6 percent.

Hokkaido-born Kikuchi says she’d given up on diets numerous times before, but the fitness trainer that came with the Rizap program really helped to keep her on track to achieve her weight loss goal.

Kikuchi is the latest celebrity to join Rizap’s growing list of success stories, which include the cast of the One Piece anime franchise. And with tasty collaborations with big chains like Pizza Hut under their belt, we have a feeling there’ll be more famous faces taking the Rizap weight-loss challenge in future!

Source: PR Times
Featured image: YouTube/RIZAP(ライザップ)公式チャンネル
Insert images: PR Times
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