Disembodied finger used as a hanko seal.

We’ve seen plenty of weird and wonderful creations from Japanese artists over the years, with realistic felt cats creeping us out with their eyes and amazing CG schoolgirls making our jaws drop with their human-like qualities.

Now our minds have been blown again, this time with a creation that’s making our skins crawl: The Human Flesh Coin Purse.

The frighteningly realistic coin case was created by Twitter user @44doooo, a Japanese DJ/beatmaker from creators’ collective CreativeDrugStore. As shown in the video, the change purse is more than just a disembodied mouth and jaw; it’s a fully functional case, with the mouth opening and closing to store coins.

The whole thing rattles when it’s shaken and filled with change. But the most horrific part comes when you go shopping and scare the clerk at the register by tipping the man’s mouth upside down to pay for your purchase.

People who saw the video online were equally impressed and disturbed by the realistic human flesh change purse, leaving comments like:

“Omg, how would you feel while making this?”
“The stubble on the face is so perfect it’s freaking me out.”
“You’d scare everyone if you dropped this by accident on the street.”
“I want to touch it to know what it feels like.”
“I wish you could buy this somewhere!”

Unfortunately for flesh lovers like that last commenter, the artist only made this case for himself and it’s currently not available for sale. His penchant for human skin does appear to run deep, though, with the artist even creating a flesh-like casing on his his music production controller…

▼ And his iPhone and charger plug.

He’s also created a disembodied finger that stamps like a Japanese hanko seal.

With his love for human-skinned accessories showing no signs of stopping, who knows what this creator will come up with next? Maybe he’ll start diving underneath the skin to bring us some products showing off the muscular anatomy, like Attack on Titan.

Source: Net Lab 
Featured image: Twitter/@ tokai_newsone
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