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Rest with breasts? New desk pillow lets you rest your head on an anime girl’s chest

Sep 24, 2019

Manufacturer says its just the thing to soothe “gentlemen’s” bodies and souls.

In general, Japan isn’t a society in which “I’m tired” is an explanation that will get you out of many things. If there’s a project deadline or test date coming up, you’re largely expected to just push through a certain amount of fatigue and get things done.

However, there’s a limit to how long you can power your body on dedication and worth ethic, and eventually everyone needs a break. So to help people recharge, anime/video game publisher Broccoli has created a special desk pillow that allows tired individuals to rest their heads on an anime character’s three-dimensional chest.

The muse for the product is Azumi Kagamihara, from multimedia franchise Z/X/Zillions of enemy X/Z/X Ignition. Measuring 24 by 26 centimeters (9.4 by 14.1 inches) on its surface, the pillow’s arched construction also gives it a height of 16 centimeters.

The body of the pillow is made of soft but supportive urethane, while the lining is made of tricot fabric, a knit material that’s both smooth to the touch and durable.

Broccoli says that it developed the product to “sooth the hearts and bodies of upstanding gentlemen living in our stressful society” and recommends it for home or office use, though prospective users will probably want to consider whether their coworkers and housemates will consider the pillow’s open use to be particularly noble before placing their order for the 6,800-yen (US$63) pillow, which is being offered through Broccoli’s online store here and is scheduled to ship in late December.

Source: Broccoli via IT Media
Images: Broccoli
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