The level of tiny detail in this pencil drawing is as satisfying as a fresh cold one from the fridge.

Kohei Ohmori is a Twitter artist with a very specific niche, and that niche is drawing hyper-realistic metal. Even his own family have expressed that when he starts a project and really gets into it, he’s like an artist possessed, spending hundreds of hours on the slight striations on a metal bolt, for instance.

He’s become something of a viral celebrity in recent years, and his newest piece has social media bubbling and fizzing like a freshly poured pint. In fact, the response to the initial Twitter video he shared was so intense that he deleted it shortly after and set up a YouTube channel.

▼ A time lapse video of a recent project: a can of Asahi Super Dry.

Using his trademark super-sharpened pencil, he sketches out the fine detail of the first segment of the can. It’s hypnotic to watch his hands flicker over the canvas, blocking out tiny shadows in darkness while skimming over the segments that catch the light.

▼ Such minute detail can only be conjured up with the tiniest, finest point of lead.

While the smooth glossy metal looks astonishing enough when recreated in pencil strokes, the star of the show is that perfectly-lettered text. With nary a smudge or a slip-up in sight, both the English and Japanese characters may as well have been printed onto the page.

The final product looks just like a high-resolution photograph, only tempered by the handful of artist’s tools to its side.

Make sure to subscribe to Ohmori’s new YouTube channel. You’ll get to see his latest masterpieces in action, hear about his latest gallery showings, and even be treated to fun bonuses like the time Charlie Puth received Omori’s portrait of him in the mail.

“A video of when Charlie Puth received my pencil drawing, I’m so excited to see his happy reaction!”

Another nice note about Ohmori is that he has become very dutiful about getting permission for his pieces. When entering images for competitions and the like, he always messages the original photographers or models, in his second language no less.

“For those with questions concerning copyright. In the past, I made pieces I did not ask permission for. But for my recent pieces, aside from the bottle I photographed myself, I got permission for all of them.”

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Source, images: YouTube/大森 浩平 – Kohei Ohmori
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