Proving it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that matters.

We’ve seen before how advertisements can skew differently based on if they’re targeting men or women, so it comes as no surprise that there’s another field where the contrast between sexes is stark as well: erotic manga.

This genre of manga tends to rely more on steamy situations than plot or story, and the epic battles are internal instead of external, taking place inside characters’ minds and hearts… or behind closed bedroom doors.

And as Japanese erotic artist @humitan recently pointed out, the scenes can vary wildly depending on if they’re drawn for men or women:

“The difference between erotic manga for women vs. erotic manga for men.”
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For reference, the one on the left is intended for women, and the one on the right is intended for men. The dialogue in the two panels is nearly identical, with the man saying: “I will make you mine now,” and the woman saying, “N… no.”

The two panels do use a slightly different word for “you” in each: in the left one, he uses omae to say “you,” giving a feeling of superiority over the woman, and in the right one he uses kimi to say “you,” giving a feeling of closeness (that is likely not reciprocated).

Personally I find it fascinating how, aside from a few things, the two scenes are almost the same. Same dialogue, same positioning, same expressions. But boy oh boy, do the small differences matter! Here’s what Japanese netizens thought:

“The differences between the two images are the level of attractiveness in the faces of the men, and the size of the chest/butt of the woman. From this, it’s easy to see that women tend to get excitement from the whole situation, whereas men get it just from a few certain parts of the woman.”

“Romantic and erotic images for women are like beautifully-presented meals that make them say, ‘I want to gaze at this beauty,’ whereas for men they’re more like elementary schoolers peeing in fresh snow that makes them say, ‘I want to destroy this beautiful thing.'”

“I do find it interesting how, in both manga for men and women, it’s the man who is the dominant one.”

“I read both erotic manga for men and women, and for the women’s manga I always read the whole thing since the situations themselves are exciting. But for men’s manga, the plot is just a mess and I skip to the good parts. I think a mix of both would be best.”

“The left one is exciting, but I feel nothing from the right one. Do most guys like the right one???”

“I’m a guy, and I don’t like the right one.”

Others pointed out more differences between the images, such as the tone and backgrounds, trying out different swaps to see if it would make a difference:

▼ This one swapped the backgrounds, and many agreed the lighter one made the left-guy more attractive, though the woman still felt ill-at-ease.

▼ This one gave the handsome-guy the glasses from scary-guy, showing that simply being bespectacled is not a drawback.

▼ And this one gave scary-guy eyes and swapped the women, showing that the background itself can still be a deal breaker.

▼ Lastly, this one decided to just say screw it to the guys and have the two women fall for each other instead.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what type of manga you prefer, or if you even have a preference. But being aware of the other side can help broaden your own horizons, especially when you find out that it may be drawn and created by an unlikely source.

Source: Twitter/@humitan via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@humitan
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