Who wouldn’t want to work with this band, especially when it’s all just one guy?

In the midst of Japan’s creative and musical commercials, it can be hard to stand out. Job advertisement don’t get much more unique than this help-wanted video, though.

In his cover of T.M. Revolution’s “White Breath,” Mr. Nagata, a branch manager for Japan’s Hard Off chain of second-hand stores, filmed himself playing a bunch of “junk” instruments and compiled them into one music video where it appears as if he is every member of the band.

▼ Either this was done after hours or this store has a lot of free time…

The video was intended to advertise the store in general and the fact that they’re hiring new employees, but since it’s posting on January 12, it’s already garnered over 1 million views on YouTube.

▼ Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you’ll definitely remember the phrase, “Nagata desu.” (“I’m Nagata.”)

This is actually the 15th in a series of covers that Mr. Nagata has performed, with some covers (like X Japan’s “Kurenai”) also just over a million views. One of his covers of J-rock band Glay even earned him a shoutout from the group’s lead guitarist Hisashi!

▼ Nagata covering Glay’s “Survival”

▼ Just look at that soul.

Since he’s playing a bunch of “junk” instruments (as in, instruments that are broken or need serious repairs), it’s unclear as to how much of the music he’s actually performing; but he’s really good at air guitar and air bass.

▼ At least, it looks like he’s hitting the right chords.

According to Net Labo, Mr. Nagata came to Tokyo in his teens with only his bass and 20,000 yen (US$183) in his pocket. He didn’t even have a place to live; he stayed at churches and looked for jobs where housing was provided. He spent seven years in Kanagawa Prefecture (the prefecture just to the south of Tokyo) in this way, playing music all the while.

▼ Guitar, bass, keyboard – you name it.

He started making the videos to make his Hard Off branch more popular, and it’s clear that he really enjoys doing it. His dream is to one day play with Glay on stage, he claims. With his YouTube fame steadily growing, we’d say that might be possible someday!

▼ Some of his fans hang out in the store daily.

If you’re interested in paying him a visit, he’s working at the Hard Off in Chikugo, Fukuoka Prefecture. Maybe he’ll even play a song for you if you give him some strawberries.

Sources: YouTube/Hard Off Chikugo via Net Labo
Images: YouTube/Hard Off Chikugo
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