It took a year for this injured stray to learn to trust her human family, but now she literally clings to them at their farm and flower shop. 

We’ve seen a lot of cute cats grace our site over the years, wowing us all with their ability to communicate with the dead and even converse with their owners.

Now it’s time to meet a cat who can sing, and this particular feline’s vocal skills are made all the more impressive given that six years ago she was a frail and homeless stray kitten.

The cat first appeared on a farm in Fukuoka back in 2014, when she looked to be about three months old, due to her size. The owners of the farm began to care for the stray by leaving food out for her, and when she gave birth to four kittens in 2015, they provided her with a warm shelter.

Still, it wasn’t until a year after they first encountered each other that the stray began to trust the humans who owned the farm, finally allowing them to touch her. They called her “Chibi-chan”, with chibi being an affectionate Japanese term for something small, like a small child or animal, and she quickly became a beloved member of their family.

It wasn’t long before Chibi-chan revealed her unique talents to her new family, responding to their pats on her behind with song. And according to some people who’ve heard her sing, it sounds as if she’s singing “mama” over and over.

▼ “When you pat her, she sings.

The above video recently went viral in Japan, with people heaping praise on Chibi-chan for her talents. However, this isn’t her only unique character trait, as she also loves to ride around on people’s backs, earning her the nickname “Koala Neko” or “Koala Cat“. In fact, she’s so content to be carried around on human backs that she happily jumps up onto them on her own…

▼ And she’s even been known to fall asleep on them.

▼ She loves being held at the front like a baby as well.

While her life has been improved since her days as a stray, the worker’s lives have also been improved since Chibi-chan arrived, because now they get to see this gorgeous little face while going about their daily chores.

▼ All computer work ought to be done with a cat on the back!

▼ Whether she’s in the shop…

▼ Or out in the farm…

This Koala Cat loves to cling onto the backs of her hoomans! Chibi-chan is so beloved she’s even become a local celebrity, appearing on TV programs and in newspapers, where people gush over her many talents. If you’re in Fukuoka, you’ll be able to meet her too, and if you keep an ear out, you might get to encounter a cat that chirp at birds too.

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