Apparently the red string of fate can also take the form of the white roll of two-ply.

There’s been an ugly domino effect happening in Japan. Coronavirus fears have led to surgical mask hoarding by frightened shoppers and profit-seeking resellers, with the resulting shortages causing at least one public fist fight. In an effort to meet demand, paper good companies have been shifting their focus to making more masks, but that in turn has led to people worrying about toilet paper production, so cue hoarders, resellers, and even thieves going after butt-wiping supplies.

However, there’s at least one good thing that’s come out of Japan’s current toilet paper shortage at stores. Japanese Twitter user @shihon029 was recently at a drug store where she was buying the very last pack of toilet paper in stock. But just as she was paying for her purchase, she overheard a male shopper talking with one of the shop clerks and disappointedly saying “I see, so you’re all out of toilet paper.”

So before the guy left, @shihon029, in an extremely generous move, flagged him down and offered to give him two rolls of toilet paper from the pack she’d just purchased.

What’s more, @shihon029 was willing to give up an even larger share of her pack if the guy was in a serious pinch. She explained that since she lives by herself, she doesn’t need all that much paper, and that if the guy needed more than two rolls, say, because he’s got a big family, she could give him even more. But the guy said that two rolls was fine, since he lives alone too

…in other words, both @shihon029 and the stranger she’d just met-cute are single.

While they were talking, @shihon029 and the guy, who she describes as being “her type in the looks department,” exchanged contact information, and it wasn’t long until he sent her a message on the Line messaging app.

“Just got this Line message [from him]:

‘Thank you for flagging me down. You really saved me.

I’d like to properly show my gratitude, so would you be willing to go to dinner together? If that’s something you’d like to do, that is.”

“Is this really happening?” @shihon029 asked in a later tweet. “I met a guy because of a toilet paper shortage!”, and commenters were quick to chuckle at the unexpected but happy turn of events too.

“Looking forward to the movie they make out of this in three years.”
“Maybe I can find someone by hanging out in the toilet paper section of the drug store too.”
“May your relationship be as long and sturdy as a roll of good toilet paper.”
“Hoping that the next ‘paper’ you share is your wedding registration form.”

Jokes aside, the story is genuinely moving, and some pointed out that both parties have already shown some impressive, and attractive, personality traits in terms of being thoughtful and thankful.

“It’s important for people to help each other out in tough times.”
“You were so kind to offer those two rolls to someone you didn’t even know.”

So remember, it’s always a good policy to be on the lookout for unexpected opportunities to be nice to other people, even if all you really had planned that day was to take a poop.

Source: Twitter/@shihon029 via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
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