Garments designed to lead virgins astray. 

Over the years, we’ve seen keyhole bras and anime heroine lingerie cause a ruckus in Japan, but out of all the flesh-revealing garments that have passed us by, none has quite caught the country’s imagination quite like 2017’s virgin-killing sweater.

The knit top, which was cut to show side-boob and butt-cleavage at the same time, was said to be so sexy it had the power to slay virgins. Now, virgins are being targeted once again, this time for a sexy lineup of garments called the “virgin-seducing” collection.

Covering all sorts of fantasies dreamed up by virgins, the new collection has a number of styles ranging from demure dresses right through to see-through maid’s uniforms, all of which are designed to lead virgins astray with their sexiness.

On the more demure end of the scale, we have a rockerbilly style girl-next-door look dubbed “USA Fifties“, which retails for 4,389 yen (US$40.87).

The Taisho Roman costume (4,389 yen) recalls the look of schoolgirls back in the Taisho era (1912-1926).

Revealing slightly more flesh is the “Japan Retro” kimono (4,389 yen), which lets you channel your inner oiran.

The Sexy Rider (4,389 yen) is inspired by characters from the worlds of anime and video games.

▼ Moving into the bedroom we have a Cute Maid (5,489)…

▼ The Elegant Flower Halter Neck (3,278 yen), inspired by the cheongsam.

▼ And the see-through Open Chest Lace China (2,178 yen)

The highlight of the series, however, which is said to really lead virgins astray, comes with the following four styles of lingerie:

▼ The Suspender Bunny

▼ The Lace Airline

▼ And the See-Through Bunny

The above four sets are surprisingly affordable, with a retail price tag of 3,960 yen. All the garments listed above are currently available to pre-order online at Village Vanguard, with deliveries scheduled for early-to-mid March.

Source, images: PR Times 
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