Before/after comparison shows it’s tough to get a new ID when the new you doesn’t look like the old you.

There are a lot of rewards to being a good driver, and one of them is not having to retake the test when you renew your license. If you’ve stayed out of trouble on the road getting a new license is usually just a matter of confirming that your address and other information hasn’t changed and taking a new photo. Easy, right?

Sure, for most people that is. Japanese Twitter user Niki (@miyamoto_fox), however, has a bit of a special situation. When he went in to renew his license, the clerk told him “I’m sorry sir, but we don’t allow license renewal by proxy parties,” and explained that the original license holder would have to come in to complete the renewal. But Niki was indeed renewing his own license…he just doesn’t look anything like his old picture.

▼ Niki’s old license photo (left) vs. his new one (right)

Quite the transformation, huh? Making the metamorphosis more marvelous still is that Niki says he hasn’t had any plastic surgery done; the changes are all the result of diet, makeup, skincare products, and hairstyling.

Oh, and if you think that’s an amazing change in appearance, here’s a comparison between a photo of Niki in elementary school and one taken much more recently.

In addition to being a driver, Niki is also a cosplayer, one who dresses as both male and female characters with equal aplomb.

But even when he’s not in costume, he looks like a completely different person than he did a few years ago, as his license photos show. Niki says the older photo was taken around the time he graduated from college, and that he’ll be entering his 30s later this month. That means there’s about an eight-year difference between the two, but it may as well be eight reincarnations for how much he’s changed, although among the reactions from amazed commenters were a few which point out a link.

“Your hair, frame, and the size of your eyes are all totally different now, but your nose is the same. Having a good nose really does make a difference.”
“Wait…did you somehow get younger between your two license photos?”
“I’d totally have believed you if you said it was all thanks to plastic surgery.”
“Could you tell me how you did this?”

In regards to that last request, Niki does have a YouTube channel where he shares his secrets…

…and also occasionally posts videos through his Twitter account that give a more compact peek at his process.

Before renewing his license, Niki says that he was often asked to produce a second form of ID when he had to show identification, and often had to whip out his health insurance card as well. Thankfully, that shouldn’t be a problem now that he has a new license photo, as long as he doesn’t go through yet another incredible transformation.

Source: Twitter/@miyamoto_fox via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
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