Maybe it’s more likely in our case to be from ice cream rather than fallen snow, but still.

Here’s the thing about animals: they’re very unlike us, just by definition. A cat is, by definition, not a human — it’s much smaller, for one thing, and usually fluffier, incapable of intelligent speech and has a tendency to bury its own poop. But sometimes there’s little glimmers of cat behavior that so perfectly dovetail with human experiences that we can’t help but relate.

Twitter user @mojo23mac shared an especially tooth-rotting example on March 29, showing a video of his plump white cat gamboling about in the snow outside his apartment.

“It ate something cold and got a brain freeze.”

In the video the cat takes a saucy swipe of snow and bats it between its paws, before pushing it up into its waiting mouth. And then…oh no! Terror! Deceit! The sharp, cold jab that lances through your head and numbs every thought! The poor cat writhes its head to and fro for a moment, eyes rolling, before licking its lips and shaking it off. All better!

@mojo23mac usually posts about the Chiba Jets, a basketball team — his feed is full of photos of him in team regalia and sporting a jaunty red wig to visit each of their games. Sports fans are out of luck for a while due to the stay-at-home recommendations of the government, which may be why he turned to posting videos of his cat in the meantime. Several long-time followers even expressed surprise in the comments that he even owned a cat!

▼ Ah, yes, that post-ice cream glut expression.

The comments were of course, full of cooing and fussing for the poor cold baby. @mojo23mac reassured everyone that the cat was now safe and sound, curled up under the kotatsu table.

“Your cat is like a little actor.”
“That’s the kind of cuteness you want to keep preserved forever.”
“My cat would never do this. Anything cold is a no-go!”
“I laughed way too hard at this. I hope that helped build up some immunity to cold things!”

Apparently @mojo23mac used to be more of a dog lover, but owning a cat has switched him over to cheer for cats instead. And who can blame him, with a cat this cute?

Source, featured image: Twitter/@mojo23mac
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