Tokyo’s other Halloween hot spot, divisively skimpy maid cosplay, ladies who loo stunning in their 60s, and Seiji’s transformation into Leonardo DiCaprio.

For some people, when they look in a mirror they don’t just see a reflection, they see a canvas. Here are five stories of cosplayers, and five more from the non-anime/game-genre of makeovers, from 2021 that reminded us that with the right attitude and skills, clothing, hairstyling, and makeup can be tools of expression as powerful as any painter’s brush or poet’s pen.

Top cosplay stories of 2021 (with an honorable mention to the best cosplayers of Day 1 of Winter Comiket 2021)

Japanese government discussing stricter copyright laws on cosplay, top cosplayer Enako chimes in

As cosplay goes from an on-site amateur hobby to one that’s increasingly online and a potential source of income, lawmakers debate the need to update Japan’s copyright laws.

The best cosplayers from Day Two of the Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival

Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood has a well-earned reputation as the city’s biggest Halloween party spot. If you want a stronger focus on high-level costuming and fewer alcohol-fueled shenanigans, though, there’s an alternative offered every year in the Ikebukuro part of town.

Cosplay-friendly interior design — Japanese cosplayer shows off crazy apartment entryway

Sure, it’s a given that a hardcore cosplayer’s closet is going to look different from an ordinary person’s. Sometimes, though, the hobby transforms other parts of the home too.

Busty cosplay pianist shows face, but not hers, in awesome Detective Conan Criminal video【Video】

For the first time, we get to see this anime cover sensation from the neck up, yet we still wouldn’t be able to recognize her if she walked by us on the street.

Japan’s number-one cosplayer’s Dragon Maid photos draw divided reaction for skimpy costume【Pics】

Even Enako can’t please all of the people all of the time, and it turns out not each and every anime fan’s mind operates under the philosophy of “more skin = better cosplay.”

Top makeover stories of 2021

Otaku geek makeovers by Tokyo fashion expert go viral in Japan

Speaking of otaku, after a little help, these gents are ready to expand their wardrobes beyond plaid button-down shirts.

Can Tokyo hair stylists transform our reporter into Leonardo DiCaprio?【Photos】

Sure, SoraNews24’s Seiji might not look like the star of Titanic just yet in that photo, but wait until you see what he looks like after he got back from the salon.

Japanese star’s makeup transformation goes viral online 【Videos】

Singer. Actress. Comedian. Sexagenarian. And now let’s add “amazing makeup artist” to the list of ways to describe Naoko Ken.

The young girl starring in this cool retro-style McDonald’s Japan video is actually 62 years old!

If you’re making a video where a character is thinking back to something that happened to her 50 years ago, you need to cast a second, younger actress for the flashback scenes…or apparently you could just cast Yoshiko Miyazaki and have her play both parts.

Tokyo hairstylist performs makeover magic in amazing before/after haircut video

This stylist’s scissors may as well be a magic wand for how complete the transformation is, and the customer’s confident smile at the end shows that the spell’s best effects are the ones it had on the inside.

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